Import from FileBird

If your current WordPress web site has, or did have, FileBird installed, Media Library Organizer can import your FileBird Folders into Media Library Organizer’s Categories, retaining any hierarchy structure that exists in FileBird.

Any Attachments assigned to those folders will be assigned to the equivalent Media Library Organizer Categories.

In the WordPress Administration interface, click on Media Library Organizer > Import & Export
Media Library Organizer: Import & Export Menu

To import your Folders from FileBird:

  • Click the Import from FileBird tab.
    Media Library Organizer: Import from FileBird
  • Click the Import button.
Can’t see the Import from FileBird tab? Media Library Organizer couldn’t detect any FileBird folders on your WordPress web site.  This happens if, when you deactivated / uninstalled FileBird and chose to reset its settings.