• Any Media Library Organizer Pro license


Settings are used to:

  • Define the Imagga Authorization Code, to allow images to be automatically categorized
  • Determine the minimum confidence level required for a category to be assigned to an image

In the WordPress Administration interface, click on Media Library Organizer > Settings
Media Library Organizer: Settings Menu


Clicking the Auto Categorization tab allows you to define the following settings:
Media Library Organizer Pro: Auto Categorization: Settings


For Auto Categorization to work, select Enabled from the Enabled option.

Imagga: Authorization Code

To allow Auto Categorization to automatically categorize images, you must obtain an authorization code from Imagga – a free, third party image detection service:

  • Visit
  • Complete the fields
    Auto Categorization: Imagga: Register
  • Click the Create your account button
  • Click Continue to my dashboard
    Auto Categorization: Imagga: Registered
  • Copy the Authorization code in the black box
    Auto Categorization: Imagga: Auth Code
  • Paste the Authorization code in to the Setting’s Imagga: Authorization Code field within your WordPress installation.

Imagga: Minimum Confidence

Each Category determined in an image by Imagga will have a confidence rating percentage, between 0 and 100.  The higher the rating, the more confident that the Category is accurate.

Choosing a higher percentage will result in fewer categories being detected for an image, with those categories having a greater accuracy.

Choosing a lower percentage will result in more categories being detected for an image, with some categories having a potentially lower accuracy.


The Taxonomy field determines which Taxonomy to store the Term(s) in.

By default, this will be Media Library Organizer’s built in Media Categories Taxonomy, but if you’ve added other Taxonomies through the Taxonomy Manager, you’ll be able to choose them here.

Store Categories within Auto Categorization Category?

If enabled, Categories created and assigned to Images are stored within a top level “Auto Categorization” Category.  This is useful if you prefer to group Categories.


Once you have made changes to the settings, click the Save button.

On screen confirmation will display to confirm that the settings have been updated.