Dynamic Galleries

Display Images by Media Categories, Author and/or Search Terms

Easily display Galleries comprising of images assigned to one or more Media Categories. For more advanced Dynamic Galleries, conditions can be set to display images based on:

  • All or any of the image’s Media Categories are present,
  • All or any of the image’s Media Categories are not present.

When Media Categories aren’t enough, there’s also the option to display images in Dynamic Galleries based on:

  • WordPress Authors (for example, to show images uploaded by specific WordPress Users)
  • Image Title, Alt Text, Caption, Description
  • Custom Fields (including Advanced Custom Fields support)
  • EXIF metadata (for example, to show images taken with a specific Camera Model or Make)
Media Library Organizer: Dynamic Galleries: Categories

Pagination Support

For Dynamic Galleries, Pagination can optionally be enabled, with configuration options covering:

  • Number of Images per Page
  • Where to display the Pagination (above, below or above and below the Dynamic Gallery)
  • Label text for Previous and Next Links
Media Library Organizer: Dynamic Galleries: Pagination

Uses WordPress' [gallery] shortcode

Dynamic Galleries register their own [[media_library_organizer_dynamic_gallery]] shortcode.  Dynamic Galleries also extends WordPress’ native [gallery] shortcode, meaning you can add conditions to existing WordPress Galleries to turn them into Dynamic Galleries – anywhere on your site that supports WordPress shortcodes.

Media Library Organizer: Dynamic Galleries: Categories

Simple Interface

Remembering complex, numerous shortcode attributes is the last thing on your mind.  Media Library Organizer Pro provides a handy Dynamic Gallery button on all Classic Editor / TinyMCE instances, which displays an intuitive UI.

Simply fill out the form fields to define your Categories, Authors, Search Terms, Custom Fields, EXIF Pagination and/or Display Options, click Insert, and your Dynamic Gallery shortcode is injected into your content.

This functionality is available when editing any Page, Post or Custom Post that uses the TinyMCE editor, including:

  • Classic Editor
  • Gutenberg’s Classic Editor block
  • Page Builders that provide a TinyMCE / Classic Editor instance / widget

For developers or those using the shortcode outside of a content editor, we’ve a handy documentation reference detailing the supported shortcode attributes.

Media Library Organizer: Dynamic Galleries: UI

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