ZIP and Unzip

Automatically Extract ZIP files

Automatically extract file types you specify (including images, documents, video and audio) to your Media Library when uploading a ZIP file.

This is useful if, for example, you have a large number of images that are compressed into a single ZIP file, which will upload and extract faster than manually uploading all of the images to WordPress.

If required, the original ZIP file can be deleted once files have been extracted and stores in the Media Library.

Media Library Organizer: Unzip

Auto Categorize Files by Folder Name

Optionally choose to use your ZIP file’s folder names as Categories, which are then stored against your extracted files.

When enabled, your ZIP file’s folder hierarchy is replicated as Media Categories – with parent and child relationships maintained.

As each file is automatically extracted from your ZIP package, its Media Categories are defined, based on the folder and subfolder(s) the file is stored in.

ZIP Addon: Use Folder Names as Categories

Extract Specific File Types

Settings are provided to choose which file types to extract when a ZIP file is uploaded to the WordPress Media Library:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Audio
  • Documents

For example, you can only select Images if you are only interested in storing images from an uploaded ZIP file in the WordPress Media Library.

ZIP Addon: Define File Types

ZIP Multiple Files from the Media Library

Media Library Organizer Pro provides options in both List and Grid Media Library views to select multiple files and have them compressed into a single ZIP file, which is stored in the Media Library.

ZIP Addon: ZIP Selected Files

Easily Unzip and Zip Media Library Files

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