Search, Filter and Sort Media

Filter Attachments by Category, Manage Categories and Bulk Categorize

Easily filter Media by Category, using either the dropdown filter provided in any WordPress Media Library list or grid, or the Tree View option.

For more advanced filtering, Media Library Organizer Pro provides functionality to filter by multiple Categories, and autocomplete lets you start typing a Category name to bring up a list of matching Categories.

Manage Categories and Subcategories from the Tree View with options to add, edit and delete Categories and Subcategories, and then drag and drop Attachments into your categories for quick and bulk categorization.


Filter Media by File Type

With Media Library Organizer Pro, you can filter Media by:

  • Images
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentations
  • Text Files
  • Archives

Looking for a JPEG image, or trying to find a Keynote presentation?

Within each Media Type, you can further filter by a specific file type, allowing you to just display JPEG images, Keynote presentations, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and more.

Media Library Organizer: Filters: File Types Dropdown

Advanced Search

With Advanced Search enabled, options are available to search by a specific Attachment field, including the Title, Alternative Text, Caption, Description, EXIF and IPTC Metadata

There’s also the option to choose how to search, including:

  • Contains: The default WordPress method of searching; the selected Search Field(s) must partially match (contain) the given Search Terms
  • Does Not Contain: The selected Search Field(s) must not contain the given Search Terms
  • Matches: The selected Search Field(s) must exactly match the given Search Terms
  • Does Not Match: The selected Search Field(s) must exactly not match the given Search Terms
  • Starts With: The selected Search Field(s) must start with the given Search Terms
  • Ends With: The selected Search Field(s) must end with the given Search Terms
Media Library Organizer: Advanced Search

Works with WordPress and Page Builders

By extending WordPress’ native Media screens, you can search, filter and sort media by Category, Author, Date, Title and more on any media-related screen – including:

  • Upload screens (list and grid view),
  • Featured Image selection,
  • Page Builders that use WordPress Media views (most of them do)
  • Most Plugins that use WordPress Media views, such as Advanced Custom Fields.
Media Library Organizer: Filters: Page Builders

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