Default Attributes

Define Default Attributes and Categories

Media Library Organizer Pro provides options to define the default Title, Alt Text, Caption and Description, which are then used for any files uploaded to the Media Library where no values are specified.

Media Categories can also be assigned by default.

Set Unique Defaults by File Type

For more granular control, different default values for your file’s attributes and Media Categories can be set depending on the file type that’s being uploaded.

Currently supported file types are:

  • Images
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Documents

Where a file type doesn’t match a supported option above, the overall defaults are used.

Set Attachment Display Settings

For each file type, options are provided to define the default values to use for the Attachment Display Settings, which are displayed in the Media modal when inserting media or files into a Page, Post or Custom Post Type.

Always ensure your media has attributes defined

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