Taxonomy Manager

Define Additional Taxonomies

Add, edit and remove additional Taxonomies to the Media Library with the Taxonomy Manager, each with their own name.

For example, if you’re uploading product images, you might want a Taxonomy called Size to assign each image to a specific Size.


Filter by Multiple Taxonomies

Additional Taxonomies defined in the Taxonomy Manager are displayed in the Media Library, allowing users to filter by one or more Taxonomies.

For larger Media Libraries, this makes finding specific Attachments quicker and easier.


Works with Dynamic Galleries, Defaults and more

Additional Taxonomies are available to use in the same way as Media Categories across Media Library Organizer Pro, including:

  • Auto Categorization: Assign detected Term(s) to a custom Taxonomy, instead of Media Categories,
  • Bulk & Quick Edit: Define Custom Taxonomy Term(s) when bulk / quick editing Attachments,
  • Defaults: Assign default Terms within custom Taxonomies to uploaded attachments,
  • Dynamic Galleries: Filter by Custom Taxonomy,
  • Output: Choose to output Custom Taxonomies in the Media Library List View
  • ZIP and Unzip: Assign folder and subfolder names to a Custom Taxonomy, instead of the Media Categories Taxonomy.

Define Custom Taxonomies

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