• Media Library Organizer


Settings are used to enable or disable the Category Tree View in the Media Library.  This view allows:

  • Quick filtering of Attachments by Category,
  • Quick options to add, edit and delete Categories and Subcategories,
  • Drag and drop one or more Attachments into a Category for bulk categorization

In the WordPress Administration interface, click on Media Library Organizer > Settings
Media Library Organizer: Settings Menu


Clicking the Tree View tab allows you to define the following settings:
Media Library Organizer: Tree View: Settings


To display a Tree View in a sidebar to the left of the Media Library, select Enabled from the Enabled option.

Media Library Organizer: Tree View: Example

Expand / Collapse

To only display the top level Categories in the Tree View, and expand/collapse child Categories by clicking an icon, selected Enabled from this option.

Media Library Organizer: Tree View: Expand/Collapse


Once you have made changes to the settings, click the Save button.

On screen confirmation will display to confirm that the settings have been updated.