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  • Be in the next product release
  • Was added to a recent product release
  • Is no longer considered for inclusion

We do not provide ETAs on feature requests.

Media Library Organizer Pro

  • IPTC: XMP: Add support for TIFF files
  • IPTC: XMP: Add support for PNG files
  • Filters: Advanced File Types: Add support for filtering by PDF
  • Tree View: Choose to display Categories, Dates, File Types, Folders, EXIF/IPTC or Post Type
  • Defaults: Presentations may wrongly be detected as ZIP archives
  • Define List View Columns
  • Import: Import Categories from Text List or CSV File
  • Frontend Category Permalinks
  • Advanced Filters: Filter by Image Dimensions
  • Lossless Image Optimization
  • Add Watermarking Support
  • Add Folders Support
  • Allow multiple Category Selection on Filter

Media Library Organizer

  • Grid View: Edit Attachment Modal: Display Categories in Hierarchical Format
  • Grid View: If category selected, assign uploads to that category