Bulk Edit: List View

Prerequisites and Setup

  • Any Media Library Organizer Pro license


To Bulk Edit Attachments in the Media Library’s List View:

  • Click on Media in the WordPress Administration Menu
    WordPress Admin Menu: Media
  • Click the List Icon
    Media Library: List View
  • Tick the checkboxes beside the images that you wish to select
    Bulk Edit: List View: Checkbox
  • Click the Bulk Actions dropdown
  • Choose the Edit option
    Bulk Edit: List View: Edit

Several fields will be displayed below the Bulk Actions dropdown:
Bulk Edit: List View: Form

The following can be edited, and will be applied to the selected Attachments:

  • Media Categories
  • Author
  • Title
  • Caption
  • Alt. Text
  • Description
  • EXIF data
  • IPTC data
  • Author
Don’t want to make a change to a field? Either select the No Change option, or leave the field blank.

Click Update when done.

Add Additional Attachment(s) to Bulk Editing

To add an Attachment to the Bulk Editor:

  • Tick the checkbox to the left of the Attachment

Remove Attachment(s) from Bulk Editing

To remove an Attachment from the Bulk Edit, either:

  • Click the cross icon to the left of the Attachment Title
    Bulk Edit: List View: Remove Attachment
  • Untick the checkbox to the left of the Attachment
    Bulk Edit: List View: Checkbox

Cancel Bulk Editing

To cancel Bulk Editing, click the Cancel button on the bottom left corner of the Bulk Edit form.