Settings are used to:

  • Define the Imagga Authorization Code, to allow images to be automatically categorized
  • Determine the minimum confidence level required for a category to be assigned to an image

In the WordPress Administration interface, click on Media Library Organizer > Settings
Media Library Organizer: Settings Menu

Auto Categorization

The Auto Categorization tab allows you to define settings specific to this Addon:
Auto Categorization Settings

Imagga: Authorization Code

To allow the Auto Categorization Addon to automatically categorize images, you must obtain an authorization code from Imagga – a free, third party image detection service:

  • Visit
  • Complete the fields
    Auto Categorization: Imagga: Register
  • Click the Create your account button
  • Click Continue to my dashboard
    Auto Categorization: Imagga: Registered
  • Copy the Authorization code in the black box
    Auto Categorization: Imagga: Auth Code
  • Paste the Authorization code in to the Addon Setting’s Imagga: Authorization Code field within your WordPress installation.

Imagga: Minimum Confidence

Each Category determined in an image by Imagga will have a confidence rating percentage, between 0 and 100.  The higher the rating, the more confident the Addon is that the Category is accurate.

Choosing a higher percentage will result in fewer categories being detected for an image, with those categories having a greater accuracy.

Choosing a lower percentage will result in more categories being detected for an image, with some categories having a potentially lower accuracy.


Once you have made changes to the settings, click the Save button.

On screen confirmation will display to confirm that the settings have been updated.